Aftercare Instructions

(Proper care and feeding of your new tattoo)


2. Remove bandage 2-4 hrs after procedure

3. Rinse area with warm water and wash with unscented anti-bacterial soap

4. Pat area dry with a clean towel

5. Wait 10 minutes and apply recommended after-care product. Continue with after-care product 3-5 times daily until scabs are gone (3-5 days)

6.After scabs are gone apply lotion 3 times daily for 2 weeks




Avoid swimming, hot tubs, soaking or sun for at least two weeks, sunburn tattoos lose color and look dull and lifeless
DO NOT pick or scratch your tattoo!! Scratching will cause damage to the tattoo and surrounding tissue. Itching means healing .. apply lotion or gently slap the area to relive itching.

ALWAYS thoroughly wash your hands BEFORE touching your tattoo .. DON”T let others (this includes pets) touch or lick your tattoo until it is healed

Your new tattoo will take as much as 2-4 weeks to completely heal



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 Posted on : November 20, 2014