We have a new piece of functional art at the Columbia Studio

Our charger robot (below), custom made for us by Clark Ellefson  is in need of a new name

The person who comes up with the best name will receive a $150 gift voucher to use with ANY Animated Canvas Custom Tattoo artist…



the rules are..

1) Like our page on Facebook

2) Add your suggestion for a name as a comment in the Robot Name thread

3) Share our status with your Facebook friends

robot 2 small robot 1 small

Name suggestions will be taken until 1 JAN 2014 … the staff of Animated Canvas will choose five names from the lot .. on 12 JAN 2014 the voting will begin … the name that has the most likes at 11:59 pm on 31 Jan 2015 will receive a $150 gift voucher .. Fell free to swing by the Columbia studio and get an eye on him/her/it .. Good Luck !!


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