Scot “Spyder” Kumo


Spyder began tattooing in 1981 .. since then his art has been awarded dozens of times and published workdwide  .. Spyder enjoys being challenged by his clients, is well versed in all styles of tattooing and excels at cover-ups and black & grey photo-realism. If Spyder can’t do it .. you don’t want it .. 

Spyder is available by appointment in Columbia and Lexington

Shane Anderson


Shane began his Tattoo career in Jamestown NY in 1983 .. Shane has performed his award winning artistry from Maine to Miami. His unique style has been awarded  “Best Tattoo Artist” title in Columbia several times .. 

Shane is available by appointment in Columbia 

Teri-Yacky Meehan


Teri began tattooing in 2005 in the great city of New Orleans .. When Katrina struck she set out for Venice Beach, CA .. Teri has brought her unique So Cal style back to where she grew up.   While she is well versed in many styles, she enjoys creating portraits, watercolor, and new school tattoos. 

Teri is available by appoinment in Lexington

Kylee Hewitt


Originally from northeast Ohio, Kylee relocated to Myrtle Beach in 2007 and sought an apprenticeship. Her life hasn't been near normal since. Relocating to the mid-lands in 2013 she has gathered a good following in a very short time. She enjoys doing all styles of tattooing, black and gray, color, realistic, whimsical, and everything in-between. Always welcoming a challenge, she can do cover-up work, as well as custom creations. Stop in and get a taste of her unique brand of sarcasm and ink .. a visit you wont soon forget.

Kylee is available in Columbia 

Charles “Chuck” Hardin


Chuck is available in Lexington 

Matt “BM” Gillman

Bearded Matt Tattoo artist

B M is available in Columbia 

Matt “Toto” Davis

Matthew Toto Davis

Matthew “Toto” Davis comes from a multitude of artistic backgrounds, finding love in music, painting and tattooing .. Starting in 2010, Toto has refined his craft to specialize in Black and Grey minimalism, pointillism and realism .. Toto’s drive for perfection has had him nominated and awarded “Best Tattoo Artist” in Columbia as well .. As always, Toto does so with a smile and a little extra pep in every step

Toto is Available in Columbia