Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be ??

     SC law requires all tattoo clients to be 18 years of age .. there is no provision for parental consent at this time .. ALL persons must provide a state or government issued picture ID to receive a tattoo 

Do I need an appoinment??

     No, we take walk-ins daily at both studios .. Appointments are required for certain pieces, you will need to come in studio to schedule an appoinment

Can I bring friends with me ??

     You can bring friends for support .. we ask that if there is a group that you be considerate of others receiving work and limit your group size AND volume in the procedure area

Do you do piercings ??

     No .. we recommend Immaculate Piercing in Columbia SC

Do you sell tattoo supplies ?? 


What can’t I do after a tattoo??

     We recommend you avoid sun, salt water, pools, hot tubs, jacuzzis, rivers and lakes .. showers are ok 

How much do you charge ??

     Minimum charge is $60 .. hourly rate is $140 per hour .. you need to come in studio for accurate pricing

Does it hurt ??

     There is some discomfort involved in being tattooed

What should I do before getting tattooed ??

     We recommend a good nights sleep, cutting back on alcohol for a few days prior to your appoinment and eating right before your appointment  .. you are encouraged to bring a non-alcoholic drink and/or snacks if your going to have a long session .. if you have a lot of hair where the tattoo is going your artist will appreciate a shave beforehand 

How do I care for my new tattoo ??

     Leave the bandage on for 3-4hrs .. remove bandage and throughly wash your tattoo and the surrounding area .. let the tattoo air dry for a few minutes and apply recommended aftercare 3-5 times for 7 days .. when skim is smooth again switch to lotion 4/5times daily for two weeks .. avoid sun and public water for three weeks .. 

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